at home evocative and art-forward interiors

at home evocative and art-forward interiors

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evoking memories of the past and aspirations for the future to create unique contemporary interiors. Interior design should not be sterile or static, its a living extension of art meant to be touched used and admired

This mindset is the heart of Brian Paquette's interiors. Beginning with the motto, "Function and comfort, first and always", Paquette explores each client's interests and lifestyle to create homes that reflect their identity, history, and aspirations

integrating the placement of furniture, exposure to light, surface texture, and art, a client's memories are translated into an evocative presence in the home, anchoring them to their past while providing a space of comfort and function for their future

by sharing each unique process of design for the ten homes featured in his book, readers can begin to consider their own memories and aspirations for how they too can create a home interior that is a true reflection of themselves

size: 29 x 22 x 2cm